This is my creativ blog.
I work as graphic designer and artist since 1990.

Sylke Gande, Munich


Vita and for your inspiration.
I need powerful teacher and on my way I found many.
Art and spiritual work

1982 - 1988 Sculptures with clay, Group of  Barbara Saatze (Emmering) 
1984 - 1987 Painting- and drawing group of Barbara Saatze (Emmering) 
1985 - 1988 Painting- and drawing group of Stefan Fritsch (Fürstenfeldbruck) 
1988 - 1991 Graphic Design Studies, BFS für Werbung & Gestaltung (Munich) 
2006 - Initiative watercolourpainting - Carmen Fuchs (Bad Kissingen) 
2006 - 2007 Work with clay and dreams - Winfried Wagner (Schweinfurt, Bad Kissingen) 
2008 - Screen printing course - Lydia Ormann (Trier) 
2009 - Stone sculptures and Mindfulness - Thomas Reuter (Intersein Meditation Centrum, Hohennau) 
2009 - Woodcut + Print Course - Gunda Kupfer (Akademie am Meer, Sylt)
2010 - Woodcutting Course - Sandra Schallinger (Munich)
2011 - 8th. International Cappadocia Art Camp (Turkey)
2012 - Shamanic annual group, Wolf Ondruschka (München)
2012 - Greek Iconic Course No.1, Maria Theresia von Fürstenberg (Abbey Münster Schwarzach)
2012 - The Art of Feminine Presence Intensiv, Coaching, Rachael Jayne Groover (Manchester)
2013 - Spirit of Painting Retreat Bali, Prof. Philip Rubinov Jacobson, Della Burford (Bali)
2013 - Taiko Drums, Nils Tannert, (Munich)
2013, 2014, 2015 - Vocal Workshop, Nawal (Ya-Wali Sufi Zentrum, München)
2013 - Shamanic Paths at the Medicine Wheel, Annual Group, Wolf Ondruschka (Hameln)
2014-2015 - Swordwork, annual group, Günther Maag-Röckemann (Münster)
2014 - Power Quest Workshop, Wolf Ondruschka (München)
2014, 2015 - International Art Workshop, Gallery Seba (Bodrum, Turkey)
2016 - Spirit of Writing and Art, Della Burford + Dale Bertrand, at Santra Putra, Ubud, Bali
2017 - Imagination Reigns Workshop, Della Burford + Dale Bertrand, at Santra Putra, Ubud, Bali

2018 - Shibari paintings, privat Event, Cologne

Upcoming Exhibitions:
2018 - Office Dr. Frey

1989-1992 Artclub Emmering
1990 Young artist, Artclub Emmering, Bürgerhaus Emmering
1991 Artclub Emerging show at Finale Ligure (Italy)
1992 with H. Winter, T. Buckl, K. Hüf (Bürgerhaus Emmering)
1989, 1991 Art Award of the city of Fürstenfeldbruck
1993 EigenArt (Munich))
2010 MOCA: Museum of Computer Art, 2nd Anniverary Exhibition, New York 
2011 8th. International Cappadocia Art Camp 2011 (Turkey)
2015 International Art Biennal of Izmir (Turkey)
2016 Used Coffeefilter MailArt Project, Ed Hanssen, FASCINO COFFEE, Weert, Netherland
2017 Society for Art of Imagination exhibition at Santra Putra, Ubud, Bali

Solo Exhibitions:
2004 Wu Wei Tai Chi Schools, Hamburg + Bremen
2007 Munich Open, Karate and Kickboxing Convetion
2007 Living Aikido Meeting, Schweinfurt
2015 Norbert Hüge  MILD Akademie, Burnout Prevention (Munich))

2007 Pecha Kuche Event Munich - Lectures about Martial Art in paintings, 
Duration: 6 min and 40 sec. with 20 pictures / projections which change every 20 sec.

2004 Design of "ONSEN - Kendo Convention" poster for Kendo LinzAustria
2004 Aikido painting for Sabukan seminar poster, Sabukan Graz, Austria
2008 Living Aikido Book Cover (Wagner, Centaurus Verlag)
2008 Book: Lauschangriffe No. 2, Illustrationen, Verlag Sputniks, Munich
2010 Book: Planet Earth Panet Art, Mirca Art Group
2010 2nd Anniversary Catalog: MOCA: Museum of Computer Art New York
2015 Izmir Art Biennial Catalog
2016 Used Coffeefilter Mailart Exhibition Catalog (Ed Hanssen, Netherland)

Artworks in collections:

- Collection of the city Fürstenfeldbruck, Bavaria
- Wu Wei Thai Chi Schule Hamburg
- Rolf Brand Aikidō-teacher (8. Dan), Germany
- Larry Reynosa Aikidō-teacher (6. Dan), USA
- private collections worldwide
- Dojos and Martial Arts Schools in Europe


Martial arts experiences:
Tai Chi Quan, Qi Gong, medizinisches Shaolin Qi Gong, Aikido Yoshinkan, Yoga

I'm currently train at the Dojos: 
Haidong Gumdo®, München

Initiatory Swordtraining (Dürckheim):
2005 - 2007 Winfried Wagner, 7. Dan Aikido
since 2008 Günther Maag-Röckemann, 4. Dan Iaido 
since 2009 Ellen Hölscher

Initiatory-Gestalt Therapy, advanced training
2006-07 2-years group, Dipl. Psychologe W. Wagner, Schweinfurt

Shamanism teachers:
Klaus Roggers, Joachim Irmer, Carlos Sauer, 
Neil Hatherly, Wolf Ondruschka, Leonardo Sanchez 

Energetic healing methods: 
Healing Touch® Programm
Student since 2005, Courses 2005 - 2010: Level 1 - 4
Assistance 2006 - 2012: Level 1, 2, 3

Healing hands and contemplation: Anne Höfler / Luise Prodinger: 
Courses + exercise week 2005, 2007, 2008 (Holzkirchen)

Singing bowls workshop: David Lindner, 2010 (Abbey Würzburg)